Lighting collection for millelumen - Germany

In his first collaboration with millelumen, Jordi López Aguiló presents CIRCLES, an innovative decorative lighting system. Inspired by the laws of nature, the circular parts are spread at random from the core, each one having a different height. These elements look like thin leaves floating in air, adding a feeling of lightness.
The lamp illuminates the space by reflecting light from one disc to another, creating multiple shadows. The wram LED light sources are hidden in the upper part of each circle, tricking the observer with regards to the source of the light. CIRCLES comes in various models and sizes: Wall light, Ceiling lamp or Single fittings. It is composed of 160 mm diameter aluminium discs linked to the main piece with variable length tubes.
A unique lighting piece that is both suitable for contract or domestic use and that can also be made to measure for individual projects.
This product was presented at Ventura Lambrate - Milan Design Week, in 2013.

2012 - 2014
Aluminum, LED light sources
Estudio F11